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I am a commercial photographer specializing in a few areas of photography that involve spaces and structures. These include hotel & resort photography, interior and exterior architectural photography, landscape architecture photography, and interior design photography. How did I come to focus on these specialties? Well, keep reading and find out.




When I was in high school I bought my first "professional" camera. It cost me my life's savings at the time but it was worth it. I learned photography, kept improving, and liked it more and more. But upon entering college I still wasn't sure I wanted to pursue commercial photography. You see, at that time it was sort of an esoteric profession. Not many people considered it as a career, unlike today with many picking up a digital camera and wanting to go pro. It was a more difficult craft to master in the film days, providing excellent training which many photographers in this digital age do not have.


I studied Mass Communications in college which included photography classes, along with advertising, graphic arts, and journalism classes. By the time I got my Bachelor of Science degree in Mass Communications I knew enough about commercial photography to know that photography is what I wanted to do in life. So on to commercial photography school for 2 years, resulting in an Associates of Arts degree in photography.


Out of photography school I procured a job as an assistant at a large and prestigious studio in Minneapolis. Within a short time I knew I made the right choice for a career. I loved it. In two years I worked my way up to a staff photographer. I started out doing product photography at this studio. I shot everything from soup to nuts in the several years I was there. I became proficient at shooting difficult objects like glass, bottles of beer, food, and soft goods like beds. This type of work taught me a lot about light and shadow in photography, and how to control them to create an image with impact. I eventually started to tire of being in the dark studio all the time. I found that I really enjoyed the jobs that got me traveling out on location shooting architecture and hotels. So, that was the direction that I moved myself.Picture of D'Arcy Leck


 It is hotel-resort and architectural photography that I have the most passion for now. Whether it is a hotel, resort, commercial building, retail space, or a residential home I enjoy photographing these subjects immensely. I have not done any product work for some time, but the years of experience in the studio still serve me well when I do food & beverage photography for hotels and resorts. I started my own business some years ago and have successfully concentrated on hotel & resort photography along with architectural, interior design, and landscape architecture photography. While they have some unique differences, all of these specialty areas of photography are related in that they deal with spaces and structures. My photography skills are easily translatable from one to the other.


In addition, I enjoy taking scenic, travel, nature, and landscape photographs, and have done so all along when I have free time. I love to travel and enjoy the great outdoors, and I couldn't imagine not having my camera along.


Thank you for your interest, I hope to work with you soon.


D'Arcy Leck



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info    303-660-4038